What credit cards do I have to bring with me?

Take your credit cards like Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Make sure they are actually credit cards and not just debit cards with the logo of the credit card company on them. Many places require a credit card and debit cards are accepted, so it may be of limited use in its path.

Leave all the premises of their credit cards from the store in a safe place at home, no need to take with you.

Why should I contact my credit card companies before leaving?

You want to notify them of your trip. You may be a delay if they do not realize you are traveling. The unusual spending patterns to make you suspect that your card is being used fraudulently and delay your approval.

They will be able to explain many of the services they can offer while traveling.

How can my credit card company help me prepare for my trip?

You can make arrangements to pay the bills that are due while you are away.

They are aware that you will be making charges in another country.

They can give you an idea of how acceptable is your credit card in that country.

They can verify their acceptance in certain overseas locations.

They 抣 l be able to see if your PIN number works in the countries you are visiting. You can also issue another PIN number if your current PIN is unacceptable to the banking system 抯 foreign.

Can you explain cash advance, ATM, foreign purchase and foreign policies and exchange rates.

Can you explain the services they offer, such as additional insurance for your rental car, luggage or shopping. Make sure the coverage offered is extended outside the United States and will be valid in all countries where the travel 抣. Also, be sure to note any exception.

They may need to take another telephone number to call if you need to reach them. The 800 number listed on the back of your card can not work from different locations abroad.

You can find out if they charge a currency conversion fee, so you can find the cheapest card on which to place their purchases abroad.

Should I use my ATM card while traveling?

Yes,  I have access to cash during your trip so that you will have much money with you and your ATM card can also be a good way to get cash abroad.

The ATM will issue money in local currency.

You must change in the Bank 抯 kind of wholesale change. You may still want to shop around to different banks, as some will charge a fee of intensive use their ATMs. Although ATM transactions may be high even less than others charge for currency exchanges.

Do not wait until it is no money to go to an ATM, the machines can run out of money or break.

What should I know about using travelers checks?

If the particular brand of traveler’s checks are accepted in the country of visit.

How are widely accepted in countries  visit.

The fees for the purchase and use of traveler’s checks.

The lost traveler’s checks 抯 society, replacement and refund policies.

How I can protect my travelers checks during the trip?

Take the same precautions you to protect your cash. Be sure to learn and follow the required procedures, if you lose your traveler’s checks. You 抣 l also need to make copies of your travelers checks before you go and stay out of them the following information.

The serial numbers of travelers checks.

The name of the traveler’s checks.

The date and place of purchase.

The phone number to call to report missing persons.

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